Be a PBS Nerd with Prairie Public

Be a PBS Nerd with Prairie Public supports
Prairie Public

Everyone’s a nerd for something.

Celebrate your nerdness at a PBS Nerd Walk!

•Walk to raise funds to support public television.
•Earn PBS Nerd t-shirts and hoodies.
•Get a free Nerd Swag Bag!
•Tour our television studio.
•Meet Clifford the Big Red Dog.
•Get a photo with our cardboard friends: Big Bird, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine, Mr. Carson and the Dowager Countess from "Downton Abbey," Queen Victoria from "Masterpiece."
•Gnosh on free pizza and root beer.
•Enjoy music and nerdy games for kids and grownups.

Sign up now to Be a PBS Nerd and participate in our PBS Nerd Walk!

How do I participate??

All Prairie Public members attend the PBS Nerd Walk for free. You may become a member the day of the walk—an annual donation of $35 gets you and your family a membership with all member benefits.

Raise $100 to earn a PBS Nerd t-shirt.
Raise $250 to earn a PBS Nerd hoodie.

Top fundraising individuals and teams win super prizes!

Be a Proud PBS Nerd!

Join us for our PBS Nerd Walk
At our downtown Fargo studio at 207 5th St. N.
Saturday, September 23

10am Registration
10:30am Walk
11:00am Pizza, Root Beer, Music, and Activities

Bring your nerdy self and your friends. Cosplay your favorite character. 'Show and tell' your nerdy talents and interests. Your nerdy pets are welcome.

Would you like to host a PBS Nerd Walk in your community? Write to us at or call us at 800-359-6900. We'll take care of all the promotions, Nerd swag, and prizes.

Your participation is very appreciated.

By participating, you'll help us raise money and awareness in support of the wide variety of interests that Prairie Public caters to through our exceptional programming and resources, and also promote two hallmarks of public media—diversity and inclusion.

You'll also have the chance to win great prizes. Earn points for everything you do! Check out the Leader Boards for more details.

Thanks to Our Local Nerd Supporters

Thanks to Fargo Brewing Company and Rhombus Guys Pizza in Fargo for supplying our nerds with pizza and beer at the Nerd Trivia Night!

Sign up to be a PBS Nerd, and ask your friends to support you at the PBS Nerd Walk. Fundraise to be eligible to earn t-shirts and hoodies. Gather your friends and form a team—you can choose a nerdy name for it! Join us on Saturday, September 23 at 10am for the PBS Nerd Walk.