Be a Public Media Nerd for Prairie Public

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What Are You a Nerd For?

Everyone’s a nerd for something, but at Prairie Public we’re Nerds for everything!

First, sign up to Be a Public Media Nerd to share your inner nerd. Then, create or join a Nerd Challenge or Nerd Event that speaks to who you are, and what makes you passionate—whatever that may be! ​

Whether it’s cycling a century, hosting a Hamilton karaoke party, or binge-watching the Cosmos, the nerd world is your oyster.

Sign up now to Be a Public Media Nerd and create your own Nerd Challenge or host your own Nerd Event!

What are Public Media Nerd Challenges and Nerd Events?

A Public Media Nerd Challenge is a personal challenge you create to invite friends and family to take on, such as dressing up for a day as a character from your favorite public media show.

A Nerd Event is an in-person event you host and invite others to attend, such as a watch party for your favorite show.

Not sure what to do? Get ideas for your Nerd Challenge and Nerd Events by browsing the Calendar to see what others are doing!

Why Participate?

By participating, you'll help us raise money and awareness in support of the wide variety of interests that Prairie Public caters to through our exceptional programming and resources, and also promote two hallmarks of public media—diversity and inclusion.

You'll also have the chance to win great prizes, including Nerd swag. Earn points for everything you do! Check out the Leader Boards for more details.

Attend our Public Media Nerd Live Kickoff Event

To get in the spirit of nerdness and meet other nerds like you, join us for our Nerd Live Kickoff Event at our downtown Fargo studio at 207 5th St. North on January 17, 2017, 5:30-7:30. We'll have pizza, beer, trivia, and chances to win Nerd swag. This event is free and open to the public 21+.

Register now by calling 701-241-6900 to reserve your spot!

Thanks to Our Local Nerd Supporters

Thanks to Fargo Brewing Company and Rhombus Guys Pizza in Fargo for supplying our nerds with pizza and beer at the Nerd Trivia Night!